Sustainable Structures Queensland is a family owned and operated construction company based on the Sunshine Coast.



Our focus is to provide removable tiny homes, cabins, and other small structures in an environmentally conscientious manner.



Our passion is sustainability and ensuring we minimise our impact on the environment, while maintaining high quality at affordable prices.

Our Projects

Our Story

 “The consciousness of being greener.
The technology and alternatives are out there for us to use and put in place.

It is up to this generation to make these choices and help save our planet for our kids and future generations to come.”

SSQ has been an evolving concept for several years. We were the young two income family struggling to meet the financial, emotional and physical demands of a modern lifestyle. We reached a point where it was necessary to step back and reevaluate what we truly thought was important for us and our children. So, with refreshed perspective and a promise to our children that we would work to maintain, if not improve the health of the planet they stand to inherit, Sustainable Structures Queensland was conceived. We aim to be the change we want to see.


All our products come with a guarantee of not only quality but that they will be embodied with our passion for the environment. We have researched every one of our partners in production, ensuring that they share the same ethos and we will continue to evolve in our knowledge and keep abreast of the newest technologies.


Our main source of timber is logs that commercial mills won’t take due to size. They are salvaged from burn piles and chippers, then milled and quality graded, any other timber product is sourced from FSC accredited producers. We use termite resistant hardwood and cypress pine in place of chemically treated timber. From our timber to our paints and adhesives we source products that are low to no VOCs. Ensuring the health of our customers and employees. We offer a range of alternatives to off-grid living, including solar power. Top of the range composting and incinerator toilets to eliminate the hassle of black water management and grey water recycling systems.


Our commitment is not just to our customers but also to our community. We us local suppliers, even partnering with local artisans for the those extra special finishes. We are involved in our local rural fire brigade. For each log that is milled for our uses, we will donate a sapling to be planted and we have made a commitment to donate a percentage of profits each month to a local wildlife rescue group.

So, if you are looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle, create a home with
minimal impact or even build a life completely off the grid.
Contact us today, it will be our privilege to see your dreams become reality.